Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The pressure mounts on Israel

It's no fun waking up to see the world's irrational reaction to the interdiction of the non-humanitarian flotilla bound for Hamas-controlled Gaza continuing to dominate the news. To hear the Irish premier warn Israel of the consequences of the next interdiction.

The Irish premier. Jesus, Mary and Joseph! What does Ireland have to do with Gaza?

The world's hostility and refusal to even consider Israel's position seems almost ...metaphysical.

Our existence has become such a terrible nuisance. They either do not know or do not care what Hamas would do if we stepped back and allowed unfettered access to Gaza. Israelis would love nothing better than to wash our hands of Gaza.

Critics here say the problem is hasbara.

I wish.

I heard a British anchor yesterday press a beleaguered Israeli spokesman trying to explain what our commandos encountered on the "aid ship.": "Yes, but you shot them, didn't you...yes, yes, but you shot them, didn't you?"

She was not open to so much as hearing Israel's position.

Yes the IDF tape of what our commandos faced should have been released earlier. No doubt. For our own edification. To help Israelis cope through that long Monday morning.

But I doubt it would have persuaded a world that has closed its mind toward Israel. They have eyes but they do not see; ears but do not hear.

Haaretz, as usual, continues to do irreparable damage to the Zionist enterprise -- a tradition that dates back decades.

Tuesday's front page was replete with sickening self-flagellation.

Wednesday's paper is a joke; an exercise in self-indulgence in which novelists were invited to take over most of the news pages. Post-modernist Haaretz: Truth/Fiction. Whatever.

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