Thursday, April 04, 2013

Abbas Inflames the 'Street' -- Adheres to intransigent negotiating line

Tension high today in Jerusalem in advance of funeral of Hamas terrorist -- he planned to blow up the Caffit cafe on Emek Raf'im -- who died of cancer in prison.

It's a tension orcastrated by the Palestinian leadership or leaderships.

Fatah chief Mahmoud Abbas is meanwhile telling US Sec of State John Kerry that he will give the US about a year to pressure Israel to withdraw to the 1949 armistice lines, accept the "right" of Palestinian Arabs and their descendants who became permanent refugees to "return" to a truncated Israel -- or he will seek these same goals via the automatic majority the Arabs enjoy at the UN.

So Abbas and Hamas compete for the Palestinian Street by ratcheting up anti-Israel violence. While Abbas collects his salary from well-meaning Western donors.

Too bad Abbas  isn't interested in a peace deal. Too bad he won't recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

With all the chaos in the Arab world too bad Abbas is not a force for genuine moderation.

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