Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Why not a combined Muslim force to intervene in Syria for humanitarian purposes?

I need to confess that I do not understand why there is a full court press for a Western (read US – European) strike on Syria.

I do not understand the American national interest at stake. 

Though I appreciate President Obama put his foot in his mouth with talk of red lines. Still, the president's credibility is not reason enough to intervene.

I do not understand why the forces of toleration should side with either the fanatical Shi'ites or the extremist Sunnis in this terrible conflict. 

Naturally, I agree that inventories of unconventional weapons in Syria should be taken out.

But what I don't understand is why this is America's job. Or Britain's.

Turkey is a major regional power and NATO member with a massive army, navy and air-force. Its Islamist government has been outspoken against Assad.

So why doesn't Ankara act? 

Saudi Arabia has state-of-the-art US warplanes and AWACS; it has the best German tanks money can buy.

Let's see a combined Muslim force intervening for humanitarian purposes.

Instead of calling the British parliament into emergency session, why isn't the Turkish parliament gathering in emergency session?

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan talks tough but, he not President Obama or Prime Minister Cameron should be taking the lead in trying to stop Muslims from using weapons of mass destruction to kill other Muslims.

The world should not sit by and do nothings as innocents are killed. Agreed.

All I'm saying is that militarily and economically powerful Turkey and Saudi Arabia should be in the vanguard. It is their moral duty.

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