Thursday, November 06, 2014

How to Unite a Divided Arab & Muslim World

Say you looked around the Arab and Muslim world and saw a civilization at war with itself.

Sunnis killing Shi'ites.

Persians at loggerheads with Turks who are at loggerheads with Arabs.

Say you saw the Palestinian Arabs divided as usual – Hamas against Fatah; the West Bank against Gaza.

Egypt against Hamas.

Say that Muslims and Arabs – while paying lip service to their hatred of Jews and Israel were just too busy to act on it in any concerted manner.

Now, what can you do to unite the Muslims and Arabs – to get them to put their differences momentarily aside?

Simple. Make them think the Jews are about to oust them from the Temple Mount.

Start by having more and more prominent Jewish personalities visit the Mount.

Have Knesset members insist Jews ought to pray on the Mount.

In short, send a clear message that Jews are making a move to change what is admittedly an unfair "status quo" in which Jews don't assert their rights to the shrine.

Well, that's just what messianic Jews of an apocalyptic bent are doing.

They are uniting a fragmented Muslim world and a divided Arab polity.

And since there are no shortage of Arab fanatics – the behavior of the Jewish messianics hardly needs to be distorted by much in the Arab media and on Arab social media to elicit "lone wolf" terror attacks.

That's exactly what's been happening.

Doesn't saving a Jewish life mean anything?

When you know your actions will cause Jews to die -- not just in Israel but perhaps in the Diaspora -- shouldn't that make you think twice about asserting Jewish rights to the Temple Mount just now – what the Middle East is already burning.

For myself, I am not hankering after Temple III and for animal sacrifices.

But even for those who are – howabout waiting a bit. Now is not the time to go up to the Temple Mount.

It's not clever. In fact, it's downright reckless.  

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