Friday, July 31, 2015

If we adopt anti-civilian warfare in the mold of the PLO or Hamas – what does that make us?

We enter this Shabbat with heads bowed.

On Thursday night, a criminally insane ultra-Orthodox man stabbed six people at the annual gay pride parade in Jerusalem. Two of the victims sustained serious injuries. 

The perpetrator— we can dispense with "alleged" since there are pictures of him about to plunge a large hunting knife into the back of a marcher— is Yishai Schlissel. He'd been convicted of stabbing three people at a gay pride parade 10 years ago.

The police intelligence division has a lot of explaining to do.

This was also the week that we got a good look at the two smirking arsonists who torched the Church of the Loaves and Fishes near the Lake of Galilee.

Then things got even worse.

Jewish terrorists murdered a Palestinian toddler, Ali Saad Dawabsheh, and critically injured his 4-year-old brother very early this morning (Friday) by setting their home aflame. Their  mother and father were also injured in the fire.

The crime took place in the hamlet of Duma which is in gush Shilo.

In all three cases, the last thing we want is to "place them in context."

The "price tag" is fundamentally an anti-Zionist act. It discounts the fact that we have a state. It eats away at the fabric of Israeli society. It is a desecration of God.

Last summer saw the murder of a Jerusalem youth, Mohammed Abu Khdeir at the hands of Jewish terrorists.

There is no "revenge" in setting out to murder innocents. 

The killers may be driven by apocalyptic fantasies in which unleashing an all-out Muslim-Jewish war will force the hand of God and hasten the coming of the "Messiah king!"

They may well yet get a frenzy of bloodletting they so crave.

There is a need for context in understanding the Arab-Israel conflict. 

There is a need to expose Western double-standards and hypocrisy.

I have no doubt in the justice of the Zionist cause.

But now is not a time for context or excuses. 

Most every leader of the settlement community— and everyone across the Zionist political spectrum—has condemned the attack in Duma.

If we behave like Amelek, the Cossacks, the Crusaders  -- if we adopt anti-civilian warfare in the mold of the PLO or Hamas – what has become of us?

What a shameful, sad, and depressing week.

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